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Pensacola Seed & Garden 


Established in 1987, Pensacola Seed & Garden has been serving the local plant community with exotic and unique selections, as well as a wide array of common plants for the most amateur gardener and the most esteemed collector. We have a knowledgable staff ready to aid you in any plant-based journey, from creating the perfectly manicured lawn, aiming for sustainable food crops, to cultivating a beautiful indoor jungle. Additionally, we are a pond supply store, and specialize in Koi ponds.

We are a fully operational nursery; stocked with plants, fertilizers, pest/fungal treatments, repellants, soil and soil components, pottery,  as well as pond supplies, koi and goldfish, and more...

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4915 Mobile Highway, Pensacola, FL, USA


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You Can’t Plant Flowers If You Haven’t Botany

Hours of Operation

Monday-Saturday: 8am-5pm 
Sunday: 9am-5pm

During Daylight Savings, we are open until 6 pm

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